• About

    Symphony Technology Group (STG) is a private equity firm with the strategic vision and capital to transform high-potential companies into definitive market leaders.

    Who we are

    Founded in 2002, STG has established a global community. Its portfolio reports $2.5 billion in revenue and, collectively, has more than 15,000 employees. With offices in Palo Alto, London and Bangalore, and investment companies dotted around the globe, STG has a vast international customer and channel network that its companies can leverage to access global customer networks and intelligence.

    STG truly understand building successful companies. The current management team includes founder and well-known entrepreneur Romesh Wadhwani, who was founder and CEO of Aspect Development, which was acquired for more than $9 billion.

    Symphony Technology Group’s Guiding Principles

    What we do

    STG sets companies on a path for success by providing a stable foundation and deep market intelligence to entrepreneurs, innovators and executives. Using a powerful mix of capital, hands-on management and innovation expertise, STG guides its companies toward long-term success. STG’s portfolio has access to investors who have been operators and CEOs themselves and understand the intense challenges that leadership teams face every day.

    STG’s partners are experts at identifying new markets in which to drive growth through innovative new products; guiding companies to become best-in-class performers by creating more value for customers; and identifying strong leadership teams and working with them closely to create value. STG’s value-focused approach differentiates it from its competitors.

    Portfolio HQs

    Bond International/Tempbuddy – London, UK Connexity – Los Angeles, CA
    Dodge Data & Analytics – New York, NY  Findly – San Francisco, CA 
    First Advantage – Atlanta, GA Fishbowl – Alexandria, VA
    IRI – Chicago, IL  Jobrapido – Milan, Italy
    Maincare – Bordeaux, France  Poplicus – San Francisco, CA 
    Sigma Cubed – Houston, TX Simmons Research – Deerfield Beach, FL 
    SPH Analytics – Alpharetta, GA Symphony Health Solutions – Horsham, PA 
    Symphony EYC – Atlanta, GA System C – Warwick, UK 
    Symphony Summit – Bangalore, India Ventiv – Chicago, IL
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